Welcome to the 74th annual Hunger Games!
I'm very happy to announce the start of a brand new Hunger Games! I wish the best of luck to each of you, and let the games begin!

Prior reading to the books is strongly suggested, spoilers might seep out!

District Three Female OC Role - Accepted! 

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Rue |  Amandla Stenberg | OPEN

The district eleven boy is currently up for the OC role, if interested please submit an OC application here.

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The role of Rue has been reopened. 

tributeone-glimmer whispered, "I'm sorry for taking so long. Here's Glimmer."

Don’t worry about it love! Everyone follow Glimmer!

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We’re currently waiting on the tumblr links for Glimmer, and Rue.  

You have 24 more hours to create the tumblr before the role is re-opened!

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Follow Clove! 

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Thank you! Everyone follow Peeta!

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Peeta Mellark Application - Accepted! 

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Thank you love! I’ll add you to the list later today!

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lazerphaser whispered, "Would you prefer we create a separate, in-character roleplay blog?"

Yes please :)

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